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Cherubim (or Honeybear) basic information

Some consider the Cherubim to be a distinct breed of cat, but the majority of the research indicates that Cherubim are actually a classification of cats, rather than a distinct breed.

The Honeybear is a large, stocky feline. Males range from 12 to 17 pounds and females slightly smaller at eight to 12 pounds. Short legs that end in tufted round paws support his short, large body. He has a broad, relatively flat head that supports two tufted round, small ears. The eyes of the Honeybear are large, round and almond shaped. They come in a wide range of spectacular colors, including copper, gold, brown-gold, and green-gold. Its silky, thick, long coat is surprisingly non-matting. The coat of the Honeybear is quite striking; it is very silky and luxurious. He has a thick neck. Its tail is relatively short and fluffy, reminiscent of a skunk's tail. Kittens are typically born with stripes; as they mature the stripes usually lighten. They are a slow developing breed, sometimes taking as long as two years to reach full maturity.

At this time the Honeybear is not widely recognized, nor is it commonly seen. It is believed that this will change as more begin to know and love this loving, funny breed.

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