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Chartreux basic information

The male Chartreux is significantly larger than the female. Mature males tend to reach an average of 9 kilograms while females only weighing somewhere between 3.5 to 6 kilograms. Both the male and female Chartreux looks a bit bigger than their actual size because of their quite voluminous coat. This coat is thick with a very soft down beneath long silver tipped guard hairs. The coat tends to be thicker in males than in females and it will get progressively thicker as the cat nears adulthood. The coat is blue gray in color and the silver tips of the guard hair give it a very unique looking sheen. Occasionally you will be able to see stripes on kittens but these disappear by about two years. Although the Chartreux's body is well defined, it seems a little bit out of proportion when you compare its girth in body size to its relatively short legs. Their feet are round and dainty and therefore they have a slight spring to their walk. They have broad shoulders and an overall muscular appearance as well as a short neck and deep chest. Their ears are of a medium size and sit proportionally well on the cat's head. Their eyes are round and it is preferred that the eyes are orange in color, however they are often seen in copper tones as well.

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