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European Shorthair basic information

The Egyptian Mau is a fascinating cat, not only because of its past history, but because of its delightful personality and striking appearance.

The European Shorthair cat can be compared to the kind of domestic cat which has developed naturally, i.e. without having been subjected to special rules for breeding. The ideal European Shorthair is presumed to be free of any admixture of other breeds. The breeding should be based on the fact that it is a robust and supple- cat which is not different, from the point of view of anatomy, from the European domestic cat.

Medium to large in size, not cobby; robust, strong and muscular. Chest broad and well developed. Legs strong and sturdy, medium in length and narrowing into firm, round paws. Tail medium long, preferably rather thick at the base and tapering gradually to a rounded tip.

Fairly broad; the face giving the impression of being round but a little longer than the breadth. Cheeks well developed; chin firm. Forehead and skull lightly rounded. The nose is straight, of medium length and uniformly broad throughout its length; where the nose joins the forehead must be clearly defined. Neck of medium length and muscular. Ears medium in size, slightly rounded at the tips and may be tufted at the tips; set well apart and fairly upright. The height of the ear corresponds to the width of the base.

Eyes are round, widely separated and open, set slightly oblique. Colour may be orange, yellow or green; blue in white varieties; preferably green in silver varieties.

Short, dense, thick and glossy.

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