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American Ringtail basic information

Susan Manley hopes to have this future breed resemble its founder Soloman. The muscles in the tail are both larger and stronger at the base than those found in cats without ringtails. The bones in the tail are not fused and motion of a ringtails tail is not restricted in any way. The American Ringtail also put their tail to more use than other cats. Not only is the tail used for balance (held over their back, instead of behind them like in other cats), but they also curl it around someone's hand when they are being petted, use their tail to slow their decent on the cat tree and around Susan's bottom banister when they went down stairs as kittens. Ringtails only hold their tails in a ring when they are relaxed and confident. Body Type: Long lean muscular Foreign to Oriental type. The back is highly flexible and long. The tail should equal the length of the back have a wide muscular base and be of substantial bone and not whippy. The feet are medium sized with long webbed toes that spread wide when climbing or in play.
Shorthaired, the fur is described as "soft plush velvet". Susan anticipates adding a low maintenance medium length coated version of the cat to the breed standard in the future.
Colors and Patterns
It is expected that most colors and patterns will be acceptable in the breed. All eye colors are accepted.

Males: 8-15 pounds (3.3-7 kg.), Females 7-13 pounds (3.1-5.9 kg.)

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