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Cymric basic information

The Cymric (pronounced KIM-rick) is a breed of cat. Some cat registries consider the Cymric a long-haired variety of the manx, rather than a separate breed. The name comes from Cymru, the indigenous Celtic name for Wales.

Typically these are tailless cats, however they can come in three different lengths: rumpy, rumpy riser, and stumpy. The 'rumpy' variety are those with no visible tail, and the 'stumpy' possess a very short movable tail, consisting of one to five vertebrae. The 'rumpy riser' is tailless in appearance, but has one to three fused vertebrae. The taillessness of the Cymric can be attributed to a natural mutation. The Cymric is similar in all ways to the Manx, which the exception of its coat, which is medium-long. The silky, soft, thick coat lengthens as you progress from head to tail. One beautiful feature of this coat is the distinct ruff seen around the neck. The outer coat of this breed is much more open than the undercoat, which is quite heavy and dense. A variety of colors are accepted for this breed, in addition to the numerous acceptable patterns, including tortoiseshell, calico, tabby, shaded, solid and bicolor. The Cymric is a medium sized cat, with a thick stocky body. Its front legs are shorter than the powerful back legs, giving it a very playful appearance, as its back arches upwards to meet the longer rear legs. Its head is round with equally round, large expressive eyes. Atop its head lie two widely spaced small, round ears.

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