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Kurilian Bobtail Shorthair basic information

Large or medium sized, well-muscled
compact powerful body with short, pompom shaped tail
Shape large, in shape of a trapezium, rounded in contours
wide at the cheekbone level
slightly rounded in profile
well-developed wide chin
a gentle dip from the forehead to the broad, medium long straight nose, without a definite stop
Shape medium sized, wide at the base, slightly pricked forward
rounded at the tips, and open at base with lynx-like tufts and long hair out of the ears
Placement set wide apart and medium high
distance between the ears is equal to the width of one ear
Shape rounded
set wide apart and slightly slanted
any colour from yellow to green
white cats and colour varieties with white may have blue or odd eyes
Body Structure
compact, muscled, solid bone structure
back shows delicate curve from the shoulders to the rump which is higher
medium in length, strong, sturdy. Hind legs longer than forelegs
composed of one or more angles or curves or any combination thereo
may be rigid or flexible
the direction of curves is not important.
visible length of the tail (without coat) from 3 to 8 cm.
size and shape of the tail should harmonize with the overall appearance of the cat
Coat Structure dense, rather fine in texture, short, with well-developed guard hair, firm awn hair and moderate undercoat
Colour all with the exception of colourpoints, chocolate, cinnamon, fawn, lilac and the same combined with white
any amount of white is allowed, i.e. a white blaze, white locket, white chest, white on the belly, white on the paws, etc.
refer to following tables

The Kurilian Bobtail is a square-built, muscular, wild-looking cat; in its general appearance, the Kurilian is something like the Norwegian Forestcat, though its face has more resemblance to the Siberian, but Its head is shaped more triangularly than the Siberian with low cheekbones and a straight, broad, middle-long nose. Though they are both Native to Japan, the Kurilian and the Japanese Bobtail are quite different in both their body type and the nature of that natural bobbed tail. The Legs are middle long. The eyes are slightly slanted and almond shaped, but it does not have oriental features. Eye colors are conform to the color of the coat. Color yellow, green or yellow-green are prefered. They are Semi-Longhair and Shorthair kurilian. All colors without Colorpoint and solid are allowed. Part of the reason for its rarity is that there are just 2 or 3 kittens in a litter.

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