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Mojave Spotted basic information

The Mojave Spotted, is a new breed from the United States, developed in California. It results from crosses between domestic cats, carrying the Polydactyl gene, wild Mojave Desert cat variants and SBT Bengal cats. The result is a large cat with a short, fine, spotted pelt and mitten shaped paws.

A medium to large cat, belly flap, hind legs slightly longer than front legs, very muscular, medium slightly oval head, medium to large rounded ears, oval shaped eyes slightly slanted at the ends. Large paws with up to two extra toes each foot, short to medium length tail, bobtail permitted. The head is slightly wedge shaped, chin forms a perpendicular line with the upper lip. The eyes are large oval slightly slanted at the ends & set far apart. The ears are medium to large in size, wide base, rounded tips ear tufts allowable. The nose is broad & short, square muzzle, prominent whisker pads, solid color nose leather, brown, black, pink. The legs are medium in length although hindlegs longer than forelegs. Strong bone structure, paws wide but firm, up to two extra toes on each paw.
Short, sleek pelt, each single hair showing a clear ticking in the basic color as well as in the spots. Ticking is inalienable but not so dominant that the spots disappear.
Colors and Patterns
Spotted tabby, leopard, rosetted, snow leopard, sable, chestnut, tawny, silver, blue, charcoal.

Height, Weight
Weight: 8-22 pounds (3.6-10 kg.)

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