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Scottish Fold basic information

The face of a Scottish fold is almost 'owl-like', with their large eyes and gently folded ears. The folds come in three degrees; single fold, double fold and triple fold. The triple fold being the most folded and usually found in only show cats. There are non-folded versions of this cat; called straight eared (or Scottish Shorthairs). The straight-eared variety is not accepted in most cat shows, but is very important in breeding programs. The ear folds are not present at birth, but rather they begin to develop, or in some cases not to develop, at about two to four weeks of age. By three months of age the degree of folding will be finished and will remain for the life of the cat. The hair of the Scottish Fold is dense, short and plush. The longhaired versions of this cat are a separate breed called the Highland Fold, Coupari, or Longhair Fold. Discussion of this cat can be found under any of these names. The shorthaired variety comes in a wide spectrum of colors including, cream, blue, white, orange, and black. In addition to the solid colors Scottish Folds are often seen in bi-color variations of white and one of the above colors as well as Tortoiseshell, Calico and Tabby. The appealing large eyes of the Scottish Fold are seen in blue, green, gold, copper, hazel or odd-eyed (containing two eyes of differing colors). The eye color will often depend on the color of the coat. The body of the Scottish Fold is of medium size, with adult males weighing 9-13 pounds and adult females, 6-9 pounds. The Scottish Fold's sweet expression is enhanced by the shape of their face. The Scottish Fold has pronounced whisker pads, combined with a curved mouth this will often produce and expression akin to a smile

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