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The appearance of the Nevskiy Maskarade Cat can be described as a combination of the exotic good looks of the Siamese with the gentle beauty of the Siberian Forest Cat. They are quite striking. The Nevskiy Maskarade Cat, also known as the "Neva Masquerade," "Colorpoint Siberian Forest Cat," and Colorpoint Siberian," is relatively new to many cat associations. This cat is rather talkative and forms deep bonds with its human family. In many ways this beautiful cat is much like the Siberian Forest Cat and is often classified as a color variety of the Siberian. They are, however, a lot more than that, as is evidenced by their chattiness. Like the Siberian, these cats are relatively docile, gentle, and relaxed. Do not be mislead; these cats are not couch potatoes and they can be very active as well. Known for their intelligence, these cats are sometimes described as "shrewd". Their behavior has been described by some as dog-like. Some will even come when they hear their names! The Nevskiy Maskarade Cat may also exhibit shyness under some circumstances. These are long-lived cats with an average lifespan of 15 to 20 years.

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