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Burmese behavior behavior

The Burmese has many admirable characteristics, but their overwhelmingly dominant attribute is a love of people. These extremely affectionate cats feel a need to be near people at most times, preferably on their owners lap receiving warm caresses. As kittens these nimble acrobats are very lively and playful, an attribute that will stay with them long into adulthood. One might not guess at these cats' remarkable athletic skills, when they are young, as they often try feats beyond their limited kitten abilities with ungraceful results. As they grow older their playfulness continues with a matured sense of body control, leading to acrobatic feats of grace and strength. The Burmese are also very intelligent cats. They sometimes feel themselves as the official ambassadors of the cat world, converting non-cat lovers with playfulness and affection. The female especially likes to take a center stage role in the household. The females enjoy a more hands on role in day to day living, while the males prefer to recline in a lap and observe the goings on with a laid back swagger. Burmese cats have a passion for literature, and can be found sitting on top of the newspaper or on you chest as you sit down to enjoy some reading of your own. These cats are not just partial to their owners; they are usually quite comfortable with the family dog or visiting houseguest. This blind acceptance can be detrimental to the Burmese. This breed should always be indoors, as the wild world outside your door may not be as hospitable to such a loving creature. Being indoors doesn't seem to bother them as they can hunt their favorite prey, warm laps and caressing hands, more easily in the home.

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