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Chartreux behavior behavior

The Chartreux is a very social cat that craves attention but is also quite content with spending time alone. The Chartreux usually gets along very well with children and other animals, including dogs. They have a natural hunting prowess and given the opportunity, are happy to dispose of house rodents. This cat is also an excellent climber and given the opportunity, will take advantage of such situations. They are the type of cat that loves to play and are very precise in their 'attacks' on toys. The Chartreux seems to enjoy its owner's bed more than its own and is very sensitive to the feelings of its owner. For this reason, the Chartreux will be there whether you are sad or happy and do everything in its power to make itself a good pet. The Chartreux is a fairly quiet individual. They are very good at purring but instead of a typical cat meow they seem to chirp and do this rarely. The Chartreux makes an all around excellent pet and should be considered by anyone who likes a cat with a great character.

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