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“The eyes of the Korat are like those of no other cat; expressive and oversized for the face with a depth and intense gaze that takes your breath away…as sparkling as the ‘dewdrops on a lotus leaf.’ ” Like all newborn kittens at first the eyes are blue, changing to amber with a green tinge around the pupil during adolescence. Then, when the cat reaches approximately two to four years of age, the eyes are luminous green.

Korats have extraordinary powers of hearing, sight and scent. They are gentle pets, moving softly and cautiously, disliking sudden, loud or harsh noises. Those destined to be shown must be trained from birth to accept noise and handling, possibly by keeping a radio on in the nursery, and by lifting and posing the kitten as judges do. Korats form an exceptionally strong bond of affection with their owners and respond warmly to cuddling, setting as close as possible. They mix well with other cats but tend to want to have the upper hand and will not let the others keep them from their rightful place at their owner’s side. They have been cherished for centuries in their native Thailand and they naturally expect this tradition to be maintained wherever they go. Korats are active in their play, but are very gentle with children.

-Korats are one of a few breeds that have only one colour: a silvery gray that often has lavender undertones - generally called blue in the cat world, although it is notably different in viewing from other 'blue' cats.
-Their eyes are a shade of yellow from birth (sometimes described as a "pale amber") but change to an emerald or peridot green at full maturity (2 -to 4 years). During this change the eyes are green in the centre with a yellow at the edges. It should also be noted that unlike other cats when viewed at night using a spotlight their eyes reflect green rather than the more common red.
-Korats only have one coat (they lack a downy undercoat possibly due to their long history in a hot and humid climate) and do not shed much hair. -Korats are best kept in pairs. A single Korat will tend to be unhappy, especially if they are not getting enough attention. They truly love spending -time grooming, sleeping and playing with another Korat.
-Korats can be taught simple, repetitive tricks like "sit" and "retrieve".
-Korats are intended to be indoor cats.
-Korats are easily startled by loud noises.
-Korats seem most at ease living with a quiet household.
-Jean Johnson first introduced Korats to the US in 1959.
-She had lived in Thailand, where she first encountered the breed.
-Her first pair were named Nara (male) and Dara (female).

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