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American Ringtail behavior behavior

Friendly active curious cat with a reserved attitude to strangers. These cats are terrific in a family setting and do well around
dogs, other pets, and older children. Ringtail Sing-a-lings (TM) tend to have a special bond with one member of the family, but tend to make the rounds and create relationships with everyone. They are communicative with their owners and make small trilling greeting sounds when talked to (the source the the "sing-a-ling" in the breed name.) They are fascinated with water, toys of all sorts, bags and boxes and love to climb. These cats learn their names responding to them when called. Some wild cat traits still exist in the population including attempting to bury their food when they are done eating, seeking out running water to drink from and a strong interest in mousing. Their toys will be found in "catches" around the house including under the couch, in the magazine rack and probably your sock drawer if you let them. An interesting side fact is that these cats are fascinated with the smells of mint and or bleach reacting to them as if exposed to catnip.

Complete List
Felis catus American Bobtail American Keuda Angora (British Angora) renamed Oriental Longhair in 2002 Asian Semi-longhair (or Tiffanie)
Balinese Birman British Longhair Chantilly/Tiffany cat Cherubim (or Honeybear)
Colourpoint Longhair Exotic cat Himalayan Javanese Maine Coon
Nebelung Neva Masquerade Norwegian Forest Cat Oriental Longhair Persian
Ragdoll (and Ragamuffin) Siberian Snow Cat Somali Sterling
Turkish Van Turkish Angora York Chocolate cat Abyssinian American Shorthair
Antipodean (New Zealand Shorthair) Australian Mist (or Spotted Mist) Bombay British Shorthair Brazilian Shorthair
Burmese Burmilla Chartreux Colorpoint Shorthair Cornish Rex
Egyptian Mau European Shorthair Havana Brown Jungala Khao Manee
Korat Kucing Malaysia Malayan Burmese Oriental Shorthair Russian Blue
Savannah Siamese (and Traditional Siamese or Applehead Siamese) Tonkinese American Curl American Ringtail
American Wirehair Bengal cat California Spangled Cat Chausie Cymric
Desert Lynx Devon Rex Don Sphynx Foldex Cat German Rex
Japanese Bobtail Kurilian Bobtail Shorthair LaPerm Manx Mojave Spotted
Munchkin Ocicat Ojos Azules Peterbald Pixie-bob
Selkirk Rex Serengeti Singapura Sphynx Scottish Fold
Snowshoe Sokoke Suqutranese Thai Toyger
Ussuri Wild Abyssinian
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