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The Chausie is regarded as one of the most beautiful breeds of cat. Originally a hybrid of the African Jungle Cat (Felis Chaus - Right), the Chausie with its beautiful golden or melanistic (black) coat captures the look and feel of the wild in a domestic cat.

The Jungle Cat is a utility cat and survivor. Larger of the smaller wild cats, they weight in between 16 to 35 lbs. They are sometimes refered to as swamp cats or reed cats, living near water and prefering grasslands. The breed name Chausie was derived from the scientific name of the Jungle Cat, which is Felis Chaus. The Chausie is an effort to preserve the stunning wild look by reproducing it in a loving and friendly, domestic cat.

Chausies are typically sweet-natured, very affectionate cats. Alert and intelligent, they are often referred to as "dog like" in their manner. The Chausie is extremely loyal and loving to their humans and get along exceptionally well with other pet animals. Their muscular build and wild ancestry enable them to be quite athletic and fast They rarely sit in one place for very long. The wild look and personality of this breed quickly captures the hearts of their humans. Chausie owners know that their Chausie is a very special cat.

There are only 3 currently recognised colours of Chausies, and all are colours naturally found in the Jungle cat. These colours are golden, black, and silver-tipped melanistic. Chausie kittens commonly have stripes or spots in their coat when young. As the kitten matures, the markings on their body should fade leaving a stunning, wild ticked coat. Barring or stripes on the legs and face should still be visible in the adult coat.

The goal of the Chausie breeding program is to replicate the African Jungle Cat (above left) in as much detail as possible, preserving the look of this wonderful wild cat admired even by the ancient Egyptians who included them in their artwork. The large size, tufted ears, and golden, solid black, or black and silver colouring are all traits of Jungle cats and Chausies. How fortunate we are to be able to touch the wild in such a majestic hybrid as the Chausie.

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