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The Pixie Bob is a highly intelligent creature. Its ability to learn is almost unsurpassed in the feline community. This cat is even easy to train on a leash and harness. Like most dogs, this cat not only loves to be walked on a leash, they also get great excitement from car trips anywhere. Also similar to dogs, they are very loyal and devoted. They will bestow much love and affection on their family. They are also very gentle and patient with children. The Pixie Bob can tolerate mishandling from children without loosing its temper. This cat will bond closely with a family or individual for life, their loyalty is quite remarkable. The average Pixie Bob will suffer greatly if it is detached from his family after the age of one or two. The Pixie Bob is a relatively quiet breed, only chirping and chittering occasionally. If you are lucky you might even hear its rare throaty meow. Most of the time when a Pixie Bob speaks it is during play. Playtime is something that the Pixie Bob loves. This cat can be easily trained to play fetch, and many will not even need training, they learn this game all on their own. They are an enthusiastic breed possessing much energy and zest for life. They will never leave you bored, as the Pixie Bob is a born entertainer. It must be noted, that while the Pixie Bob is an active and busy breed, they should never be considered hyperactive. Unlike some other breeds the Pixie Bob is very good about using its litter box. This breed makes a good house or apartment pet, as they are non-destructive to both your furniture and your home. In addition to their love of people the Pixie Bob also lives quite well with other pets.

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