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Cat Litter for Jungalas by Pet Ecology Brands, Inc.
Searching the Internet for the best kitty litter and pet care products for Jungalas? Our healthy kitty litter for Jungalas of all ages, Scientific Professional Cat Litter, is made from 100 per cent natural ingredients. Our premium Jungala litter is a terrific choice for cat owners, kitty breeders and kitty cat lovers who want only the best in feline care products. Pet Ecology Brands, Inc. has developed a revolutionary patented eco-friendly litter that has the ability to help indicate Feline Lower Urinary Tract Disease (FLUTD).

The Threat Of Feline Lower Uninary Tract Infection (FLUTD) In Jungalas
It is estimated that 10 million Jungalas and other cats per year are diagnosed with (Feline) Lower Urinary Tract Infections (or FLUTD) by Veterinarians. If not detected early, these infections can quickly become severe and even cause death. Pet Ecology's Sickness Indicating Cat Litter is the ONLY known non-prescription cat litter in the market that warns cat owners that his or her pet Jungala may be affected with FLUTD, thereby permitting the earliest diagnosis and treatment of FLUTD.

Cats often end up with traditional, dusty litter in sensitive places on their fur after each trip to the litter box. As reported in the Journal of Veterinarians and Humans[1], sodium bentonite in the litter, ingested by cats during the natural cleaning process, can cause blockages, dehydration, and prevent absorption of nutrients. But sodium bentonite can cause harm in another far reaching way; it prevents "after-litter" (used product) in landfills from breaking down and being reabsorbed by the environment like natural waste normally would.

Once sodium bentonite clumps, it gains the consistency of cement. This "quasi-cement" like material presents a multitude of environmental hazards when one considers the sheer amount of the material being deposited into local land fills and dumps nationwide. Once the enourmous amount of post-consumer material is dumped into landfills, the sodium bentonite based waste materials do not break down. The "after-litter" takes up literally yards and yards of space in the land fills, the waste product growing in size each time it absorbs more moisture. Using Scientific Professional Cat Litter vastly reduces the amount of "after-litter"; 2.5 lbs. of our litter does the job of 17.5 lbs of the lower quality litters. Because of its unique, patented composition, Scientific Professional Cat Litter weighs a mere one-seventh of the weight of traditional kitty litter mixes!

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Nebelung Neva Masquerade Norwegian Forest Cat Oriental Longhair Persian
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Antipodean (New Zealand Shorthair) Australian Mist (or Spotted Mist) Bombay British Shorthair Brazilian Shorthair
Burmese Burmilla Chartreux Colorpoint Shorthair Cornish Rex
Egyptian Mau European Shorthair Havana Brown Jungala Khao Manee
Korat Kucing Malaysia Malayan Burmese Oriental Shorthair Russian Blue
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Ussuri Wild Abyssinian
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