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Don Sphynx health Health Information

The Sphynx does not need any special food or care. It definitely has no need for clothes! It is a good idea to bathe it, just like a child, as it gets dirty as if it had played in a sandpit. The skin must also be cleaned of its natural oils, that in other cats are absorbed by the fur. The big ears, that do not have hair to filter dust and dirt, must also be frequently cleaned to prevent a build up of earwax. The Sphynx has a ferocious appetite and eats more than most other cats as it has the higher metabolic rate that is necessary to keep up its raised body temperature. If one can arrange to offer an outdoor cat run, it will be greatly appreciated. It will obviously be necessary to provide both shelter and shade. If the cat is light coloured, then one can apply sun cream on exposed places, such as the ears, as a sun blocker. In cold weather one must take care as they can quickly cool down. Indoor temperatures that are comfortable for people, are also comfortable for a Sphynx. If they feel cold, they will quickly find a warm place for themselves, under bed covers, on the television, and so on.

The Don Sphynx has a muscular medium sized body. The Don Sphynx differs from Canadian Sphynx by heavier bones. All colour are allowed by the breed standard. The eyes are almond-shaped. The ears are big. The Don Sphynx's paws are of distinctive shape. They have elongated fingers with webs and are able to seize things with fingers.

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