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American Ringtail History history

In 1998 a two day old kitten was found underneath a temporary classroom of Washington High in Fremont, California. Susan Manley's niece took this kitten home with her and it was given to Susan to raise because of the care needed to hand raise such a young kitten. Fortunately, the kitten named Solomon grew into a healthy and happy cat. While Solomon was still a kitten a remarkable thing was noted: Solomon carried his tail in a ring with the tip centered over his back. After some research Susan found that other cats, both purebred and mixed breed, share this trait with Solomon, particularly in the local area of Fremont, California. After consulting with Dr. Leslie Lyons a geneticist at UC Davis and Dr. Solveig Pflueger who is on the genetics board at TICA, Susan decided to breed Solomon to a mixed breed cat possessing the Oriental look and a loving, outgoing personality named Audrey Catburn. Audrey gave birth in 1999 to eight kittens. All eight kittens possess the ringtail trait to some degree, but none to that of Solomon. A litter born in 2000 to one of Solomon's daughters however contained perfect ringtails. The American Ringtail was formally called the "Ringtail Sing-a-Ling", but the name has since been changed to "American Ringtail."

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