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California Spangled Cat History history

It is not by accident that California Speckled cats came to look astonishing similar to their foreign wild counterparts. American writer and director Paul Casey, on a film shoot in Africa, was distraught to see the slow demise of the great African cats. On his return trip he decided he would breed a domestic cat to look the role of the mighty felines he saw on his African holiday. In a breeding effort that consisted of using many different domestic cats with characteristic color markings, including a feral cat from the streets of Cairo, and a Malaysian house cat, the California Spangled Cat came into existence in 1996. It hit the world with an international coming out party in the catalog of Neiman-Marcus. With the publicity of its debut the California Speckled has even raised money to protect against the demise of Central and South American wild cats.

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Korat Kucing Malaysia Malayan Burmese Oriental Shorthair Russian Blue
Savannah Siamese (and Traditional Siamese or Applehead Siamese) Tonkinese American Curl American Ringtail
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Ussuri Wild Abyssinian
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